Friday, 28 July 2017

Is that a farm-I-see?

Talluah has spent the last seven days bed ridden with the influenza and has required different levels of pain medication.  We’ve been trying to find equivalents to cold and flu medicine that we use in Australia.  One thing that I learnt is that you need a prescription to buy anything with codeine in it.  Over the counter medicine can be bought by the box lot and at times you can just buy one blister pack.

In fact it’s surprising what things can be bought by the unit.  Chorri pan is a staple bread here that comes in a long roll and is broken into manageable sizes.  It sells for around ARS$28 per kilo so you can buy as little or as much as you want.  We needed a few cable ties to refasten the basket on the bike.  We only needed three and the bloke at the hardware store said it wasn’t a problem.  The packet was already open and he just pulled out three cable ties.  Batteries come in packs and also in stripes with perforated division so you can buy as many or as little you want.  Vegetable shops are usually happy to halve pumpkins for you.

Perhaps the most interesting purchase is the life essential that is given the worst job in the world – toilet paper.  You can buy toilet paper in bulk packs or, if you choose, for whatever reason, just one little individual roll.  I’m not sure at what point in your life you think that you only need to buy one roll at a time.  Somewhere out there, there must be highly efficient, well scheduled people who know exactly when, where and how much paper they need.

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