Sunday, 9 July 2017

A wet weekend with some weaving.

Today marks Independence Day for Argentina.  In 1816 Argentina became independent from Spain.  This town was named after the 9th of July and the world’s widest avenue can be found in Buenos Aires, also named 9 de Julio.  We do not know if there were any celebrations on at the town square but considering that it rained most of the weekend we opted for French toast, cubby house building and general lounging about.

As a household we have spent close to two months taking turns with fevers, coughs and flus.  Truce had a soccer goal land on her and several of her classmates’ neck and shoulders.  She has complained, very silently, of having a headache since that day.  These are the cultural differences we notice, where everything is padded and bolted down in Australia, things like goals are held in place with a few spare tyres in Argentina.  We used a few yoga techniques with a sheet wrapped around Truce's waist, I held her inverted for a minute.  She's not as short as she used to be and I'm not as strong as I used to be - perhaps it was only 45 seconds.

Talluah has unfortunately developed a nasty case of tonsillitis and we had to break out some of the medicine that we brought over with us.  We know that most medicines we need are readily available but Talluah has had issues with her tonsils in the past and a quick look in the mirror is easier than finding a handy doctor, explaining medical history to be prescribed something that we already have.  Our medical kit looks a little like we swapped bags with an apothecary at the airport.

Talluah has continued to teach herself new weaving skills with her loom and her latest masterpiece is a wallet.  Next week we are off to Uruguay and I have a feeling that she’s hoping to find some new textures to weave with.

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