Monday, 10 July 2017

The day after the 9th of July.

 WhatsApp is the main form of communication here.  People on motorbikes send voice messages, old ladies in the supermarket text at the speed of light, our water man sends us a message every Sunday night and the kids in high school place it at greater importance than the respiratory system.  We knew Depp had to take some item of clothing to school today but didn’t know what.  A quick plea for clarification on WhatsApp resulted in pictures of neck kerchiefs, like the gauchos used to wear.  The easiest way to describe a gaucho is like a cowboy but I think they are held in higher regard with a slightly mystical ability above the average cowboy.

All the children here have a great reservoir of traditional costumes for just such an occasion.  We however do not.  We rummaged through the tea towels until we found something that was suitable.  Depp was quite pleased with his gaucho pañuelo.  The kinders performed traditional dances, talked about independence and showed some of the traditional toys that children used to play with.  This was also a chance to see some of the things that Depp has been learning.  He’s now an expert on giraffes in both English and Spanish.

FYI Depp's giraffe is the only visible drawing

Truce had her English Open Class today and her class has been learning about volcanoes.  The children gave a very scientific explanation of how volcanoes are formed, the different types of volcanoes and used some bicarb and coke a cola to create some mini eruptions in the classroom.  Unfortunately I was teaching over in the high school during Truce’s open class but Talluah was well enough thanks to a lift into school so she could watch the performance.

Happy Birthday Colleen.

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