Thursday, 6 July 2017

How to bluff a dog.

On our side of the railway tracks, the roads are all bitumen, while the south side of the tracks a majority of the roads are dirt.  Since our arrival the council has been doing road works along Schweitzer, which is one of the dirt roads to school.  Talluah and I have been able to avoid these road works without adding any distance or time to our ride/walk to school to work.  However, the road works have rounded a corner and now cause us to detour around the massive trench they have dug.

The trench is anywhere from three to four metres deep and naturally has dirt walls.  There is no sign of any reinforcing for the walls and men work in there daily.  With the winter rain, I would be hesitant to work in there.  All of a sudden teaching children doesn’t seem so dangerous.

Every other car that has had to divert around the trench has done so in the rain and turned some of the intersections into a quagmire.  Not really a problem when driving but on an undersized clown bike, such as the one I ride, with my fancy Julius Marlow shoes – the ones that are not designed for walking through six inches of mud.  I went down a street that looked the driest with the best intersection.  One canine did not like the idea of me invading his territory and started chasing me.  I’ve had dogs bark at me before and thought nothing of it as they just seem to be showing off.  This one did take a little nip at my ankle.  As I rounded the corner another dog started barking at me and feeling rather annoyed at being bitten, I started barking back until it ran away.

A few days passed and no dogs bothered me until yesterday when the same dog came charging at me.  We had a barking competition and it looks like I won as it backed off.  I think I’ll have to carry some mozzie replant with me in case another dog bugs me.

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