Friday, 14 July 2017

20 weeks feels like 20 weeks

While Argentina has longer summer holidays than Australia, they only have one, two week break in the middle of the year.  Added to this is that Depp's age go to school from 8 - 3 and Truce and Indy go from 8 - 4.  The kids have just finished a twenty week semester and they are exhausted.  The children had a picnic to help celebrate the last day before the holidays.

Depp has recently started playing hockey after school on Mondays and Fridays.  Depp has a slight phobia about trying new things, which sounds absurd when you realise that he loves doing his first year of schooling in a foreign country in Castellano.  At the start of the year he flat out refused to try hockey and then one day something changed and now he's got this killer look in his eye and sticks to the ball no matter what.

Hockey is very popular in 9 de Julio and hopefully he'll be able to continue learning it when we return to Australia. 

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