Sunday, 16 July 2017

Back to Buenos Aires

It's hard to imagine but three months have already passed since we were last in Buenos Aires (Bs.As).  It's time for us to cross the border and have our tourist visa renewed for another three months.  Yesterday, the first day of the holidays, Depp woke up saying he didn't feel too great.  He spent all afternoon in bed with a temperature.  We had paid for transport to Bs.As, ferry tickets, accommodation and we have to leave the country this week for our tourist visas so we crossed our fingers and toes that he would be well this morning - he wasn't.  He's picked up a bit of a flu.  

Usually we rely on taxis or walk when we're in Bs.As but this time we are being a bit more adventurous using the Subte, or underground.  You buy a SUBE card at the station for ARS$25 and put on what ever credit you require (SUBE cards work for the buses too).  Each trip costs ARS$7.50, around about 60 Australian cents.  The beauty of this system is that you only need one card for a family or group.  You just swipe the card for each person passing through.  This was the first time the kids had ridden on a subway. 

Once we surfaced again and tried to mentally pivot a map on the side of a bus stop, we walked to our hostel with Depp being carried.  This is one of those avant garde hostels that doesn't have a sign out the front.  Upon entering we decided it was so the police can't find the place as easily.  We were a little bit disappointed in the lobby   Seeing reception staff smoking in the lobby is a tad off-putting and the couches would be more comfortable if they had cushions and were repaired with something other that packaging tape.  The reviews on and tripadvisor seem to be polar opposites.  However, the room is heated, the staff have been friendly and it is only for one night.  The room even has furniture.  I'm just not sure how you put anything in the cupboard though.  

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