Monday, 17 July 2017

A boat, a bus and then another bus.

We awoke in our warm private room in dodgy Hostel Tango and went to the lobby to have the included breakfast.  The receptionist had moved his ashtray and cigarettes to the outdoor space, so that was a slight improvement.  If we had the time we could have carbon dated the bread to see when it was made and I would have liked to met the yak that provided our milk for breakfast.  I'm assuming it was yak's milk because it certainly didn't taste like normal milk.

The ferry terminal was only two kilometres away so we braved the 3 degree winds and opted for the Harper walking bus.  This allowed us to stop at a panaderia and pick up a dozen facturas to complete our breakfast.

The trip to Montevideo can be done by a direct ferry run in around about two hours but this is more than double the price of doing the ferry/bus combination which takes around four hours.  We went with the cheaper method.  The smooth highway passed wind farms, sections of eucalyptus trees, which are a weed here, and even a jail.  It must have been wash day as there were sheets hanging out all of the windows (not the knotted variety).  We arrived in Montevideo around sunset at our AirBnB accomodation where our host had already lit the fire for us in his tiny but super cool loft house and found out that tomorrow is a public holiday but there will still be plenty of places to explore.  


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