Monday, 7 August 2017

One for the home, one for the office.

When people are posed with the hypothetical question what would they grab in an emergency, most talk about the things they think are valuable such as the family photo album.  Only when nature calls and all you have are photos from the camping trip last Christmas you will suddenly realise the value of toilet paper.  One company here has made it easy to always have a roll of toilet paper on your person.  The slogan on the packet is one for your home, one mini roll to take.

We’ve past the halfway mark on our time in Argentina and realised that there are a few things that we miss from Australia.  It has been a long time since we had curry.  Curry paste and coconut milk are not overly common in Argentina and they are non-existent in 9 de Julio.  Fortunately we found some curry powder during the holidays in Buenos Aires so Talluah has been able to make curries again.  Something else that has been difficult to find is Greek yoghurt or at least a yoghurt that hasn’t been flavoured with enough numbers that it looks like someone’s phone number.  Talluah has also started making her own yoghurt and after realising how simple and cheap it is has voted against buying yoghurt ever again.

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