Monday, 14 August 2017

Hidden stories

Friday morning brought a heavy amount of rain.  Indiana was able to go to school but Truce and Depp’s ride comes 25 minutes later and in that time some of the streets were blocked and at about 9:30 we decided that Depp and Truce wouldn’t be going to school.  Although it’s nice to have a day off, it’s always nicer to have the sleep in that goes with it.

9 de Julio is not a tourist town and sometimes it looks like it is having its own siesta.  But a slightly more ponderous look reveals that there are untold stories.  On a Sunday morning, trailers are having the day off and presumably their owners are too.  Trailers pay an important role here.  Furniture vendors attach home made trailers onto the back of motor bikes and roam the streets selling furniture door to door.  

Spring is only a month away and the local council has been going around trimming all the trees ready for new growth.  All the offcuts are piled into specially shaped trailers perfect for tree branches.

The country is preparing for an election and you don’t need to be able to read Spanish to know what all the posters of smiling faces that have popped up around town are for.  This weekend isn’t the actual elections.   It’s like a quarterfinal.  This weekend, people vote for who they’re going to vote for in the real election.

We’ve noticed cars with plastic bottles on the roof.  For a while we thought it was a sign that a mobile car washer had just washed the car.  But we realised that the majority of cars with bottles on top were in certain areas.  The bottle means that the car is for sale.  It makes perfect sense.  Bottles are readily available and they stand out more than a sign in the window.  When learning a language, there is so much more than just putting verbs and nouns in the right place.  There are many non-verbal cues that have to be learnt too. 


  1. Thank you for explaining something that confused the daylights out of me as I cycled through Argentina - the bottles on top of cars. I couldn't comprehend why it was so prevalent. Thought it was to denote that the owner had paid to park in the particular street or something. So Thank you

  2. Non-verbal communication is always intriguing.