Friday, 2 June 2017

Joining the payroll.

The high school students have their English classes decided by ability, not age.  Early on it was decided that Indiana should stay with her peers rather than go to the top level for English.  The other day she had to work a little harder than normal.  The English teacher was sick and there was no one to take her place so one of the administration members, who doesn’t speak English, came in to supervise the class.  There was a sheet for the class to work on and all was going well until the first question was asked.  The admin lady held her hands up in defence as the foreign sheet was waved about in her face.  Students know that teachers can’t see something unless it’s dancing a few centimetres from the teacher’s nose.  By this time Indy had finished her sheet and said if any needed help she was happy to assist.  Hands started flying up all around the classroom until Indy ended up the front of the room with a whiteboard marker teaching vocabulary and explaining the phrases on the worksheet.

After several emails between Talluah and the university explaining that the primary school principal already invigilates for English exams they agreed that the school could be a testing centre for her psychology exams.  They said they will be posting the information and exams very soon.  More emails were sent trying to explain that the postage system here is less reliable and slower than a carrier pigeon flying with ducks during hunting season fell on deaf ears.  The uni said that they will try posting it first and if that doesn’t work they’ll email it through for the invigilator to print off.  We admire their optimism. 

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