Friday, 30 June 2017

Bella y la Beastia.

Truce’s class has been working on their own mini version of Bella y la Beastia and so this afternoon Depp, Indy and I were treated to a show at "La Esquina" the local theatre space which had kindly agreed to host.  

Truce had a little speaking part where she described some action in English, luckily for the audience her translator was close by to explain in Spanish.  I asked her afterwards why she didn’t do it in Spanish and she said she had no idea why her bit was the only bit in English, perhaps that was for diversity.   Never the less it was a very enjoyable afternoon with lovely singing and acting.  

I would write more about the show but I am in the middle of a Nerf war at the moment and fear for my life with 5 year old Depp yelling “prepare to meet your doom.” 

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