Friday, 16 June 2017

Every dog has its day.

There are a few stray dogs that roam around the streets here and due to the small back yards, many owned dogs also live on the street.  As the weather cools we have seen owners show their love for their pets by dressing them in proper strap-on dog blankets.  Others improvise a bit and just use an old T-shirt, which makes any dog, look like it’s just come from the gym and can press 150kg. 

Then there are dogs like the one that is owned by the local photocopying shop.  Not only is this the cheapest photocopying shop in town but also they have their heating set to a level that would make a Jamaican surfer pass out.  It’s possible that this shop could be found using thermal imaging from above.  The dog is free to roam in and out of the shop as it pleases.  There are so many customers that it just waits at the door for the next opportunity to exit or enter.  When you see the fur on this dog it’s hard to imagine that it would even feel the cold.

We like to help the local canines by putting our dinner leftovers on the kerb.  This did however cause a small issue one day.  While Luli was dropping Truce and Depp off from school, a stray dog tried to come in through our gate.  We must have impressed it with our leftovers.  Talluah and Luli were talking at the gate and shooed the dog away.  They thought the problem was solved until Luli tried to get back into her car.  She had left her door open and the dog was sitting in the driver’s seat.  I don’t know what its plan was as the nearest drive-through is several hundred kilometres away.

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