Sunday, 18 June 2017

Día del Padre

Today is the Argentine Father’s Day and we had been invited out to Silvina and Alejandro's house to have a father’s day lunch.  This was an opportune time to watch someone prepare an asado in a parilla that’s big enough to sleep in.  We are gathering a collection of plans to make the ultimate parilla for our backyard once we return to Australia.  There really is something about cooking with fire that makes you feel more connected to the event rather than putting something in the oven and setting a timer, maybe it's the smokey flavour.

Indiana enjoyed a little horse ride without a saddle.  Hopefully she doesn’t ask for a pony for Christmas, as our back yard is a tad too small.

We have been made very welcome here and it's was a privilege to spend Father's Day with such beautiful people.  The kids had a great time being able to wander around the farm exploring.  Depp most certainly had used up his weekend reserves as he didn’t quite stay awake for the car trip home.

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