Sunday, 28 May 2017

Double digits.

Truce invited all the girls from her class to come round for high tea to celebrate her tenth birthday. 

The afternoon started with the chocolate game, the one where two dice circulate the group and whoever rolls a 6 has to put on gloves and a beanie to cut a square of chocolate.  This was the first time Truce’s classmates had seen the game.  There was laughter, there was squealing and there was chocolate... enough said.

High tea was served in the west wing (which doubles as the east wing, dinning room and office).  As parental hosts, it can be a little daunting to host a party where you can’t understand the guests but we had the help of Rosario and Indiana to explain the games.  Interestingly no tea was actually served.

Later the swarm of chicas moved out to the back patio to make paper flowers out of coloured tissue paper, courtesy of Martha Stewart.  Fold, fold, concertina, fold, flip, fold, spin instructions don't always translate well and some of the corsages required a second chance to bloom.  Luckily no two flowers in nature are the same and the girls were happy to wear them in their hair.

The quickest two hours of our life finished with cake and bilingual renditions of Happy Birthday.  

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