Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Spin cycle.

As we frequent our regular haunts, most people have become accustomed to the new family who have moved into town.  The other day in the fruit shop, a new worker went through the usual questions about where we are from etc, etc.  One of the other workers told him that it was none of his business.  Talluah was in the fruit shop today and there was a new worker there.  He tried out some of his basic English with Talluah and went through the usual questions.  At question number 3, one of the regular workers told him that we’re from Australia, we’re here for the year, we have three kids, Talluah’s studying and I teach English.  Obviously they’d heard our answers one too many times.

While Talluah was busy with her studies, the drain for the washing machine blocked up and the kitchen became a wading pool for lost penguins.  Luckily it was time for a study break and after several hundred laps with the mop, the floor is now whiter and smells fresher than it did before.  Talluah went to the Tutti 2, our local supermarket some 500 metres from our house, to buy some sort of Draino.  Marcello our shopping fairy godfather, who works at the Tutti 2, has made a point of always asking how we are and helping us find things in the shop.  Since the moment he realised that we were regular patrons he has gone out of his way for us. Talluah couldn’t find Marcello today and had to act out the blocked drain conversation with another worker who feigned business and couldn’t help.  Several minutes later, Marcello appeared with the product we needed.  The first worker must have found Marcello and told him that the Australians need something for something because something had happened.  

Depp hasn’t let the language barrier get in the way.  I spied on him today while he was having lunch at school and he was having a conversation with the boy across from him.  It turns out that Depp just talks in English and the other child speaks in Castellano.  Were not quiet sure who will give way first.  While he’s playing at home we hear all sorts of Spanglish coming from his direction.

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