Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Carbon neutral.

The front dining room has a bit of an echo o o o and we've been looking for plants we can propagate from cuttings but we needed something a bit more establish to help fill the void.  By chance today I found a nursery at the other end of Robbio.  I asked the lady at the front where the indoor plants were and she directed me to a shade house where, presumably, her husband was sitting.

I would like to buy some indoor plants.
            (Blank stare.)
For my house.
            These are the indoor plants.
Thank you.
            Where are you from?
            Near France?
No that’s Austria.  Australia, with kangaroos.

You should know that the other day, an eight year old girl in the park asked me if I was Chinese.  I chose suitable plants without a note from Talluah and the gentleman called his wife over so I could pay.  He told her that I was from Australia and I don’t understand anything.  Her reply…

            He does understand.  He asked me where the indoor plants are and he had a conversation with you.
            Come.  Are these plants a gift?
Not really.  My wife told me to buy them.
            I’ll put this gold foil on the outside.
That’s not really necessary.
            It’ll make it look beautiful.
You don’t have to…  It’s done now.  Thank you.
            And then I’ll put this red ribbon on it.
The gold foil was enough.
            Look at how beautiful it is now.
If you put some glitter on it, it’ll be ready for Mardi Gras.  My bike could be the float.
            Now that I’m finished I’m going to say a word that everyone else says and you have no idea what it is.
What is that word?  How do you spell it?
            Y-A  E-S-T-A
Oh.  It’s two words.
            Yep, two words.  I’m sure you do the same thing in your language.

Our friend Max was kind enough to lend us his guitar, which usually lives at el campo (the farm).  Now Talluah is able to take a break from her studies and fill the house with music.

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