Friday, 3 March 2017

A bicycle built for two.

We have acquired a second hand kids’ seat that goes on the back of my bike for Depp to sit on.  It is much better than the pillow strapped to a cutting board and cable tied to the back of the bike seat that I was trying to concoct for Depp.  If I pedal with the heels of my feet and Depp sits a little duck legged, we’re able to ride along quiet nicely.  The seat is a bit low for me and I can only put about a quarter of the push I really need to propel us along.  This gift horse’s teeth look just fine.  Yesterday, I rode Indiana’s bike to school as it is more my size and I was going on my own.  Due to rain I left the bike at school and caught a lift home.  Today we went into school as a family so we could meet the founding members of the school.  I had my bike with Depp on the back, Indiana rode Talluah’s bike and poor Talluah rode Truce’s bike with Truce sitting on the back.  Truce is tall enough that she was able to walk along at the same time and help push them along.   As you can imagine that wasn’t actually helpful.  It was more like synchronised dancing for emus on bikes.  Click here for the photo on our Instagram account

Later in the day, Depp and I ventured off to the local library today.  Some major differences were noticed immediately.  Membership is 60 pesos per month and that entitles you to borrow two books per family.  I was hoping we could at least borrow three books – one for each child but rules are rules.

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