Saturday, 2 September 2017

You missed a bit.

We have acquired a self propelled lawn mower that starts first time, doesn’t use any fossil fuels nor disturb the neighbours.  One of our grade six students said that she had an extra rabbit and since rabbits are not permitted in our home state we thought this was a great chance to have one while living in Argentina.  As the adoptive family we have been allowed to name the rabbit...  
Introducing, Philadelphia Whiskers (A.K.A Philly).

While we are OS we’re renting our house out in Australia.  During the past seven months the oven and dishwasher in our house have died of old age and have needed to be replaced.  It seems that our washing machine here has followed suit, they do say it comes in threes.  This morning when our washing machine was unusually silent we knew something was amiss and we ended up having to wash our clothes by hand.  Unfortunately this machine requires a Torx screwdriver to undo the back, which my leatherman surprisingly does not have and they're a little tricky to find so I’m not sure how soon we'll be able to fix it.  Until then it's rocks and wash boards.  

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