Saturday, 25 February 2017

You could bake an empanada on the bonnet of a car.

Even the locals are complaining about the heat at the moment.  I saw a dog cross the street and its shadow refused to follow it across the bitumen.  The nights are still and 37° feels like 41 with nowhere cool left on the mattress no matter how many times we roll over.  Some of the farmers we know were talking about the problems with horses and cows not eating because they are not leaving the shelter of trees.  One friend we know who breeds the Argentine criollo horse spoke about some horses having heart attacks from the heat.

Yesterday, we were invited to the school for an informal lunch with the director and some of the staff members.  One of the founding members, Silvina, owns a farm and grows wonderful, fresh, organic food.  She is in all places at once and has helped organise bikes for us, left fresh vegetables on our doorstep, found uniforms for the kids and messages to make sure we are happy.  Silvina created a feast for us of marinated eggplants, beetroot, carrot and corn salad, pasta salad, zucchini quiche, leek pie and shredded cabbage, all grown on her farm.  While we were eating, Silvina was somewhere else in the school preparing for next week’s first day.  The conversation was a mix of stuttered Spanish, hyperdrive Castellano and polite English translations.

The principal of the primary school has been very helpful in having the children invited to any play dates and with ferrying the children to birthday parties.  In one day she has taken the girls two pool parties, brought over some second hand uniforms and returned a forgotten hat.  Ahh teenagers and their ability to be distracted by any… Oh look a butterfly.

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