Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Cordoba to Rosario

Cordoba to Rosario is a 405 km drive and would normally take about 4.5 hours.  On a bus, it is a 6.5 hour south-east journey through Argentina.

The following conversation may or may not have happened on the bus with the conductor.

Our ticket says you have a minibar on board.
            Here it is sir, tea and coffee.
I see by the range and selection you have a firm grasp on the word “mini”.  Perhaps you could have called it, “The almost non-existent, minuscule bar.”  Which one is the tea?
            The less lumpy of the two.
I also see you have a TV there.  Is there any chance of putting on a movie to help pass the six and a half hours.
            Sorry sir, but we only play movies on long bus trips.
Six hours is pretty long. 
            But not long enough for a movie.
At what point does a bus trip become long enough to warrant a movie.
            It’s an arbitrary figure that changes depending on the bus and what mood I’m in but be rest assured this trip is not long enough.
The TV didn’t work in the last bus we were on.  Does this one work? 
So it doesn’t really matter how long the trip is.
            Not really.
Any suggestions to help pass the time?
            You could look out the window.
I’ve been doing that for the last four hours and all I’ve seen is endless corn fields.
            Have you tried the left side?
What’s out there?
            Corn that grows on the left side of the road.
Of course.  Is it worth seeing?
            Some say so.  Anything else?
Yes.  Why does that man have a cardboard box with a tail coming out of it?
            He’s transporting his cat.
Naturally.  One more question.  Why does the bus driver go off the road after he over takes a truck?
            It’s to help him recalibrate his bearings.  He has troubles seeing out of one of his eyes.
Which eye?
            The one under the patch.  Anything else?
No thank you.

            Enjoy your trip.

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