Friday, 21 April 2017

Day light robbery.

Truce had a post card that she started writing in Chile some three months ago that she wanted to send.  Perhaps she was trying to redefine snail mail as Pangaea Post.  We also had a small present to post back to Australia.  When I say small, I mean 32 grams.  the postal worker ducked under the counter to put on his black and white stripped shirt and a black mask and then told me the price.  73 pesos for the postcard and 250 pesos for the package.  I asked if I could met the pilot who was going to hand deliver my letter.  73 pesos is roughly the equivalent of 30 minutes' pay.  You can buy four litres of milk for the same price.  Day light robbery I tell you.

Fame and fortune have come our way, well good fortune anyway.  The interview that we did the other night has been published in a local newspaper taking up the first three pages.  There is a link to the online version but it only contains the opening paragraphs.  If you want to read the whole story, you’ll have to pop over to one of our local stores and pick up a copy – it’s probably cheaper than us mailing a copy home.


  1. That may sound like a lot to an Australian, but how much mail do you think they move? Mail delivery is only cheaper in Australia because there's so much of it that it's worth all the systems we have in place. Also, due to the smaller volume of snail mail in Australia as it's replaced with email, postage prices have also increased. Sending a letter now costs $1, which is equivalent to 1L of milk, so 73 pesos is probably not as bad as it seems, all things considered

  2. Congratulations Robbie! You are the first to comment on the blog - You win a postcard from the Harpers, (note conditions may apply, you may be required to pay the postage and it may take more than three weeks to make it to you in Australia, please read the terms and conditions)

    Robbie, why would Argentina move less mail when they have nearly twice our population? You're right, it's all relative but when you're earning less than $15AUD per hour and to post a card/letter costs just under $6AUD that's pretty expensive in any milk drinkers book. - Thanks for your comment...