Monday, 30 January 2017

Awake at the crack of noon.

Indiana stumbled out of bed at 11am and Truce took one look and said, "You look dismantled Indy".  Possibly the best description I've ever heard for a jet lagged teen.

We've gone over our ground rules with the kids again about our Don't lean on anything rule and don't step on things that may look like they're covering a hole (the title needs work), especially for Depp as this is his first time here.  He wanted to know why and we explained some of the reasons.  Excavation work and pot holes often appear and can be covered in some manner or left exposed.

One thing we loved doing in Valpo was catching the trolley buses.  In the last five years they have replaced some of the older buses with newer ones.  We felt like Valpo snobs as we lurked in the shadows pretending to tie our shoelaces while one of the modern buses passed and waited until one of the original ones appeared.  Even though we sat in authentic bus with its well worn seats, we did notice the introduction of a touch on system for Metro cards.

Sopaipillas are a tasty on the go snack of fried bread.  While these may not be endorsed by Weight Watchers they are certainly worth a try.

Depp will be five in a few months and we're not entirely sure he understands what it means to be in a different country.  We asked him what differences he has seen in Chile.  His response, "Well for one thing, the buses drive with the door open."